Greetings, Dear Reader, and welcome to my first ever blog post. If you've found your way here, you'll probably have also figured out that I'm releasing a book this fall (September 6: mark your calendars, or better yet, pre-order now! That will be my only plug for today, promise). Selling something I've written to an honest-to-goodness publisher lands easily within the top ten best things ever to happen to me (several others of which are also book-related), but as a result I find myself on some very alien terrain--to wit, reaching out to the world at large.

A savvier writer, one more astute regarding the demands of today's literary world, would have laid the groundwork for all of this long ago, but I am not that writer. When NINTH CITY BURNING sold to Ace, roughly a year ago now, my entire internet presence consisted of a neglected Facebook profile. It wasn't that I didn't understand the value of connecting with the wide and varied community of readers and writers out there; I just wasn't very good at it. I had the notion I could cross that metaphorical bridge if I ever managed to get there. Well, here I am, and I still don't quite know what I'm doing.

It is sure to be an awkward experience for me, Dear Reader, but I find some consolation in the hope that you at least might be amused. I have always been the sort of person who keeps my thoughts and opinions to myself, and to be honest I haven't quite learned to calibrate them for public consumption (and what, I ask you, is more public than the internet?). There will be mistakes. I will likely overshare. It will be barrels of fun.

I discussed the above anxieties last night over dinner with a few bemused friends, and they advised me to avoid the common--and, I guess, controversial?--impulse to post photos of my meals to the popular forum. And so, to kick off what I hope will be a long career of tackling the hottest topics of the day, here is what we had for dessert, a rice custard topped with caramelized sugar: 

It was pretty great, by the way--about to crème brûlée what a muffin top is to a normal muffin (i.e. the best part). And now, for some expert-level sharing: with filter!

Until next time, Dear Reader.